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TEC Research continually strives to provide solutions to our customers in practical and supportive ways. In the current world of environmental awareness, accountability, restrictions and responsibility, many industrial companies find themselves impeded by the task of navigating and complying with environmental standards. TEC Solutions is here to help.


TEC offers a full range of advertising research solutions to help clients make the best decisions at all stages of the advertising development process and to maximize the return on their advertising investment. Our commitment is to provide holistic, integrated insights to advertisers that help in the development, evaluation, and improvement of their advertising efforts and, ultimately, to help them build stronger brands.


Research on who is listening, watching, and reading is important to marketers of television and radio programs and print publications—as well as to advertisers who wish to reach a certain target audience with their message. Television and radio ratings demonstrate the popularity of shows and determine how much stations can charge for advertising spots during broadcasts.


At TEC Research, we look beyond our customers' product demands today to address their production, quality, safety and environmental priorities for tomorrow. Through our Specialty Products Division, we work as your developmental partner to formulate products that work best for your applications and help you achieve your desired results.


Omnibus offers the fastest turnaround possible for international research and in the past year alone we have researched areas as diverse as entertainment, mobile phones, movies, shopping, gambling, climate change and many many more subjects besides.


TEC Qafqaz has been conducting Retail Audit in Azerbaijan for more than a decade. We offer Retail Audit in Azerbaijan because Retail Audits are the only proper way to get a clear picture of the direction of the market. It is an effective method of tracking market and competitive performance.


Brand Research enables marketers to better understand how their brands are positioned relative to a specific product or brand category. As your brand travels through its lifecycle, its strength and success are based on its ability to remain relevant by continuously evolving to meet the tangible and emotional needs of stakeholders.

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