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As your research partner, our vast experience, knowledge and talent in fieldwork and analysis will deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to your research needs. Our superior data quality and our commitment to data integrity and management will ensure that you are armed with the confidence you need to make informed and timely decisions.


We offer Desk Research in Azerbaijan. We have been providing market entry services to help new entrant companies successfully establish and develop a presence in Azerbaijan since 1991.


Paper And Pencil Interviewing. Data obtained from the interview is filled in on a paper form using a pencil.


Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing. This method is very much similar to the PAPI method, but the data is directly entered into a computer programme instead of first using paper forms.


The success or failure of any direct response marketing effort completely hinges on the quality of the mailing list. You can have the most incredible products or services, make the most attractive offer ever, and execute award-winning creative. But, if you’re not getting them in front of the eyes and into the hands of the right audience, your direct response marketing effort will fail. Completely.


Omnibus offers the fastest turnaround possible for international research and in the past year alone we have researched areas as diverse as entertainment, mobile phones, movies, shopping, gambling, climate change and many many more subjects besides.


The mostly widely used qualitative tool is the focus group. A focus group is the meeting of a small group of individuals who are guided through a discussion by a trained moderator (or consultant). The goal of the focus group is to get beyond superficial answers and uncover insights on consumer attitudes and behavior.


TEC Qafqaz offers Mystery Shopping services in Azerbaijan. Mystery Shopping - is a way of research, which envisages assessment of the level of service (or receipt of commercial information about competitors) with the help of specialists, which serve as buyers (customers, clients and etc.).


The In-depth interview methodology is often employed by Market Street Research when surveying business owners, high-level executives, community and business leaders, key opinion influencers, technicians, specialists, and other professionals about complex or highly sensitive topics. This marketing research methodology is also used as a technique for learning more about an industry’s specific characteristics and practices directly from those individuals who specialize in, and often who are leaders of, that industry.


We offer recruitment research for corporations, small businesses and search firms. We help shorten your recruitment cycle - saving resources, time and money.Our candidate research services are offered separately and can include one or more of the following: A targeted list of candidates for your search A targeted list of companies to find specific candidates Names, current titles and contact information Bios or online resumes/profiles Initial candidate contact to determine interest in your open position.